School District Starts Repairing Tracks - Gets Help from Community Foundation
By Ken Cashman - The Cornwall Local - June 3, 2016

June3 donation

Turn onto Lee Road during the day, and you’ll see a crew from Copeland Coating Company working on the middle school track.

They have peeled off the old track, and will be shoring up the foundation below it. Harvey Sotland, the school district’s assistant superintendent for business, calls the project a “complete renovation.”

He says it will take five to six weeks, which includes a two-week allowance for the asphalt to cure. Once the project is done, Cortland will move to the high school track, which requires less work.

The Cornwall Community Foundation is helping to fund the project. On May 31, the members gave Mr. Sotland a check for $25,000. They said the money had come from the 2015 gala as well as other fund-raising projects.

The school district will also get money from the state. But to make that happen, the district had to combine the track repairs with projects inside the buildings.

At the middle school, the district will enlarge the vestibule at the back of the building to make it handicap accessible. At the high school, the district will put down a new floor in the cafeteria, since many of the original tiles have shrunk and are worn.

The total cost of all the work is just over $350,000. The state will refund about 70 percent of that amount, which means that (after deducting the gift from the Foundation), the school district’s share will be about $80,000.

The administration included the cost of the repairs and renovations in the 2015-16 budget. It also allowed for one other improvement. At the end of June, workers will replace the large windows in the Willow Avenue School gym. “They don’t open,” Mr. Sotland said. “They don’t let in sunlight and they’re not energy efficient. The replacement will be much better.”