Our Mission


Cornwall Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that facilitates growth and betterment of the Cornwall community. We raise private funds – through donations, grants, and events – that we directly invest back into our community.

What We Believe

Cornwall, New York is a unique community that offers our citizens a close-knit, small-town atmosphere with quick access to world-class culture and commerce. While Cornwall is strong, we have yet to fully harness our incredible potential.
We can retain the community atmosphere that makes our town such a special place, while enhancing opportunities and recreational opportunities for our residents.
By investing in our schools, we will empower a new generation of citizens to do great things, here in Cornwall and beyond. The past several years have brought significant cuts in state funding, with citizens frustrated by high – and increasing – property taxes.
We need to identify alternate funding streams that will enable us to invest in educational excellence in this challenging climate.

What We Do

Cornwall Community Foundation is a private non-profit organization that enables people and organizations with philanthropic interest to easily and effectively support community causes they care about.
We coordinate efforts to bring about positive change in the school district and community, by identifying the needs that are not being addressed, securing funding to fulfill these needs, and acting as a liaison to successfully accomplish these efforts making our community a desirable place to live.